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RF over Fiber for Satcom

RFOptic’s RF Over Fiber Optics Links are used for Satellite Communication Signals (Satcom) signals.

Our links transport the IF signal down-converted from an original satellite signal feed for applications such as Intra-Facility Links, LNB, and fixed satellite.

Typically, the RFoF Satcom links receive the down-converted satellite signals from a remote Antenna and carry them over to other locations, which may be several kilometers away. Transporting such signals over fiber optic cable has advantages over using coax cable particularly for longer distances. Coax cable has produces a significant amount of signal loss over longer cable runs, limiting its application for long distance links.

RFOptic’s modules allow for the following frequencies: 0.005-2.5GHz 0.005 -3GHz 0.005-6GHz. In addition, we provide RFoF modules at 8,15,18 and 20 GHz using mach-zender modulators.

Optical fiber supports very long cable distances, up to a few kilometers , with minimal signal loss and degradation. Satcom’s applications impose to use a Low Noise figure RFoF link, in order to transport such signals without  noise contamination. RFOptic offers built-in Low Noise Figure amplifiers in the RFoF transmitter to reduce the  link NF to as low as 6 dB, improving signal quality substantially for these applications. In addition, gain attenuation in the Tx and Rx enables he flexibility to tune the links to the desired parameters. 

RFOptic offers a wide range of products in a variety of form factors for various Satcom applications. It can come as a compact stand alone module or up to 4 modules in 1-U or 8 modules in 2-U removable panel that houses a control card  and can be maged remotely.