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RFoF for GPS Applications

GPS signals are required to be transferred from the antenna to a control room in mobile networks architecture. Sometimes physical distances are more than a few kilometers whereby it is not practical to use coax cable due to high loss in the coax cable.

In addition the shortage of fiber imposes mobile companies to use the same infrastructure for GPS and digital signals using WDM technologies.

Programmable 2.5 GHz RF Over Fiber allows signals to be carried from an antenna to a GPS receiver with minimal signal degradation over a Fiber. It enables to transfer low signal levels like GPS from the antenna to the network. 

These RFoF links are designed to offer a low noise figure by integrating a built-in LNA in the transmitter and post amplifier in the receiver for low level signals. In addition a built in bias T is offered. The module is offered as RFoF in a compact aluminum housing case for indoors/outdoors applications. 

The RFoF modules have a relatively high Gain (about 40dB) with excellent gain flatness, low noise figure thanks to an integrated LNA in the transmitter and high SFDR. In addition the power consumption is relatively low .The standard optical connector is FC/APC (SC/APC is also available upon request. 

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