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RFOptic has a long track record of supplying governmental institutes and defense system integrators with advanced technologies for a wide variety of defense and homeland security applications.
Leveraging our expertise in RF Optical modules and RF system design, RFOptic provides a suite of ruggedized products that meet the reliability and durability requirements of our customers in the aerospace, defense & homeland security markets.
Our main products are: Optical Delay Lines.
RFOptic provides Optical Delay Line solutions that are customized to the specific needs of our clients. Our distinctive fiber delay line solutions support up to 8 individual delay lines while our Progressive ODL’s support up to 255 delay lines and more. For more information see our ODL page.

Remote Antennas:

Remote Antennas Communication tower

Remote Antennas Communication tower


  • Antenna remoting and/or base station locations
  • Antenna diversity
  • Phase Array antennas
  • Consolidate and simplify operations
  • Back-up redundant facilities
  • Possible because of fiber’s low RF loss
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Ideal for marine, aircraft, and towers
  • 1/10 weight of coax, 1/25 of waveguide
  • Easy installation – flexible and thin
  • Lends itself to redundancy and cable routing diversity

Programmable RFoF

RFOptic’s analog RF-over-Fiber compact modules convert RF signals to optical signals and back.

The Tx unit optical transmitter converts an RF signal to an Optical signal, and the Rx unit converts an Optical signal to an RF signal. 

Our RFoF family has main 2 groups:

  • Programmable RFoF- including 0.05-2.5GHz
  • 0.05-3GHz,0.05-6GHz 

With the following key features:

  • Next Generation RFoF modules with significant performances improvement.
  • Better linearity, excellent gain flatness, and Tx, Rx and Link gain control.
  • Noise Figure down to 6 dB with LNA with MDS ~168 dB/Hz for very low incoming signals.
  • Internal microcontroller and Optical control enabled by Software.
  • End-to-end Diagnostics that reduce installation and maintenance time, enabled by Software.
  • Gain variation S21(fo) of ±1 dB for 90 °C variation, utilizing special algorithm.
  • Remote Management by GUI installed on PC.
  • Impedances of 50 Ohms and 75 Ohm.
  • Can be housed in stand alone, indoor or outdoor enclosure.

For more information go to: Programmable RFoF

RF Over Fiber module
Programmable RF Over Fiber Module

High Frequency RFoF including 0.01-8GHz, 0.01-15GHz, 0.01-18GHz, 0.01-20GHz

With the following key features :

  • Best Cost Performance
  • High P1dB>15dBm
  • Communications: RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Excellent Gain Flatness
  • Excellent Phase Noise
  • Can be housed in stand alone, indoor or outdoor enclosure

For more information go to: High Frequency RFoF

Mini High Frequency RFoF

Rugged Enclosures 

RFOptic has rugged IP-65 outdoor enclosure for RFoF programmable, High Frequency RFoF or mixed.

Customized products.

Additionally, RFOptic has consistently demonstrated the ability to quickly and economically design and manufacture custom products based on our own architecture.
The development of our commercial product lines has enabled RFOptic to achieve tremendous economy-of-scale at both the device and system level.
Our main advantages are cost performance, custom-made products and short delivery time.

rf over fiber - OUTDOOR HF