RF Over Fiber & Optical Delay Line solutions

Our Technology Has Been Used Successfully By Tier 1 Companies Worldwide.

  • Our RF Over Fiber products' special algorithms will optimize performance from the optical and RF parameters modules to compensate temperature effects.
  • Our Optical Delay Line technology keeps the same gain even with more than 255 different delay lines.
  • Our Progressive ODL system uses the minimum number of fiber connectors and is designed for maximum reliability.


8.0 - 20 GHz High Frequency RFoF

8GHz RF over Fiber
0.05 - 8.0 GHz
15GHz RF over Fiber
0.01 - 15 GHz
18GHz RF over Fiber
0.01 - 18 GHz
20GHz RF over Fiber
0.01 - 20 GHz

Mini High Frequency RFoF


High Performance ODL Solutions

  • Fixed Optical Delay Line
  • Switched Optical Delay Line
  • Programmable Optical Delay Line
  • Mini Optical Delay Line
Optical Delay Line converter


2.5 - 6.0 GHz Programmable RFoF

2.5GHz RF Over Fiber
0.05 - 2.5 GHz
3.0GHz RF over Fiber
0.05 - 3.0 GHz
6.0GHz RF Over Fiber
0.05 - 6.0 GHz
RFoF Multi-Link series
0.05 - 6.0 GHz

Removable RF over Fiber Unit

Best cost performance in the marketplace

At RFOptic, we find alternatives when there is a need to reduce the budget. We are flexible and will adapt our technologies to fit your needs. Our award winning team will optimize the solutions and create a custom solution if needed. Feel free to share your specific needs with our customer success team.

RFoF products ready for shipping

Find ready to ship products or let our experts customize a high tech solution for you.

Off the shelf product is accessible at a quick turnaround time of less than a week, please look into the following solutions:
RFoF Programmable, RFoF 18GHz.

Average turnaround on our high tech customized solutions is not more than one to two months. Some orders may be fulfilled in a 2-week span.
Please contact our Customer Success team to learn more.

RFOptic tailor made for every budget

At RFOptic, we seek to make our cutting edge technology accessible to the most customers as possible. We understand that often times the projects come with very specific structures and sometimes they don’t, that is why we have an offer of high quality product available at an affordable price, so that you will have the chance to experience the highest quality product and stay on budget. We want to make sure that you keep exceeding expectations at every level.

Tailor Made Budget

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