ODL systems – CoreEL and Indian Space Research

March 17, 2015

RFOptic Ltd. was selected by CoreEL India to provide a 255 states progressive Optical Delay Line . RFOptic’s Optical Delay Line system (ODL) is generally used for transposing signals to distances ranging from few meters to several tens of kilometers . An ODL system is an RF over Fiber solution with a defined delay line that  is used in radar and microwave systems, e.g. for radar calibration. Our ODL system can include several different delay lines, which are selected either manually or remotely by an external computer interface. RFOptic has an offer of five groups of ODL’s operating at different frequency bands  starting from 0.1GHz up to 20 GHz.

The selected system has 255 states in intervals? of 1 usec up to 255 usec where the gain is fixed regardless of the loss of the delay line. The system works with L and S bands and is housed in a compact 2U-enclosure.

Dr. Avner Sharon, RFOptic’s CEO said: “We are proud to have been  selected by the Indian Space Research Organization,  ISRO, we will continue our customer centered strategy that includes high level customization, service agility and a quick delivery of unique solutions designed specifically upon the customer’s request. Our solutions are not only highly customized but also cost effective. We are observing that an increasing number of customers are satisfied with our Optical Delay line solutions in the entire globe. The main application of an Optical Delay line is that it is used as a range simulator for radar and wireless systems.

“Core EL  is proud to have been selected by ISRO supplying RFOptic Optical Delay Line product line.    RFOptic products will dovetail into our offerings in the defense and avionics arena.  Our partnership with RFOptic will enable us to deliver such progressive Optical Delay Line systems to other customers in India. It is indeed a privilege to associate with the kind of technology that RFOptic has successfully put into its products”, said Mr. Vishwanath Padur, CEO of  CoreEL Technologies.

RFOptic and its India Distributor, CoreEL worked closely to meet ISRO’s  strict technical requirements.

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